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The Boats

Ariadne is a Rustler 36 based in the UK

True is an Orchard 39 based in Auckland NZ


EU cruises in Ariadne; some of True’s cruises in NZ;  and expeditions to Norway and S America


Over time, a significant library of  pictures has been accumulated on Flickr,  and a number of videos on You Tube.

A World Apart!

Two boats, as far as it is possible to be from one another. Ariadne is based in England and cruises NW European coasts. True is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and currently sails mainly in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand, with occasional forays out to great Barrier Island, or up the northeast coast of New Zealand towards Bay of Islands. We hope to take her up to the Pacific Islands in a year or two.

I ran Ariadne, and my son Iain runs True. It is a great arrangement for someone who is retired. In theory we can sail the European summer, then flee to the south Pacific and enjoy their summer.  

On this site we try to describe the boats, the cruises, and a few other bits and pieces.


Produce a prize winning Log.

Getting weather at sea

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The sheer joy of sailing in dramatic waters

AIS (ships at sea)

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Help Zone

Experiences shared to help prepare Logs, understand AIS and weather. Also offers a view of environment issues

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The Boats Expeditions Media Help Zone

Ariadne has been sold. Visit the Teal Directory  for an update