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Ariadne has been sold. To find out what happened next, visit our new Teal Directory website

Launched for us in 1995, Ariadne has done 36,000 miles in a series of summer cruises. They are described in the expeditions section.

This section deals with the boat and is mainly a technical account of the the build, including variations to the standard specification, and modifications carried out since.

The History section simply lists the cruises we made in each year, and the major alterations to the boat.

The Technical Section looks at all the main systems, and offer comment on what we did and why.

About Ariadne

My cruising Logs have gradually got better as I have learned new techniques, By 2003, I had won the RYA Cruising Log competition, and I think they have got better since then.

To see the Logs, visit the Expeditions page of this website

To explore some of the techniques I use, visit the Log preparation section of this website



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A great boat for the sailing we have done

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Logs and expeditions

Log Preparation

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