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This was the trip that started me writing Logs. We arranged for our son Iain, his wife, and two of their friends to take Ariadne to Ireland, where Dairne and I, with our friend Sue, would take over in Crosshaven.

It all worked out as planned, although they had a very rough trip across the Irish Sea, and Iain was insistent that we should get a windvane (which we had planned to do at some stage.

Also we found a number of hilarious notes left on board, and these could not be wasted. The only thing to do was to incorporate them into a Log.

Here are some examples

Quote of the day: “Its getting brighter over there” – constant rain all day apart from 2 occasions when this statement was made – followed by torrential rain”

Bridget recorded that “Iain’s brain is still a mystery – do we preserve it for science to investigate?”

Standards are slipping  - 1000 departure, Bacon Brunch, “wife swapping day” David and Clare made a start, Iain and Bridget finished. Flannel went over side, so no more washing this year. Tinned potatoes, tinned bangers and beans and plastic plates!

Postcard from Dartmouth

Its looking brighter ahead.Boat  sails well to windward. Running low on supplies. Please send more. Bridget wanted to see a frigate but passed a minesweeper. Her eyes are still watering. Clare was target for Wembury Range (well nearly). Next stop Baltimore??? David still asleep. Iain’s still punching tide.


Bridget spread lasagne all over cabin. 10/10 for effort and style. Nav skills improved – reached Falmouth 1 hr ahead of eta.

Breakfast ashore. Bridget insisted on wearing Lark teeshirt. David has now managed P13 of 300pp novel after 3 yrs reading. Girls bought knitting, basket and guillotine! Deck shoes have bred – lots of little ones have appeared (size 2). Managed to avoid mud at Malpas in “Ariadne” by 100mm – but grounded the Avon on way back from pub.

More ....

1998 Ireland PDF





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The Log of this trip is available in the following form to friends. Contact me if you would like to see one of the publications.

If agreed, it will normally be delivered via Dropbox.

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