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Having seen in the millennium at Newtown, the boat was ashore for a refit. There were a few weekends in the Solent, then in late June we set off. The tides down Channel were such that we had to leave at first light to catch the tide at each major headland, hence the Log title.

We had light or favourable winds down Channel, passing south of the Wolf Rock light before raising the Scillies in moderate visibility. Carefully we worked our way into Porth Conger the northerly anchorage between St Agnes and Gugh.

We spent several days pottering round the area, including a tripper boat trip round the Western Rocks; feeling our way across to St Helens and into New Grimsby, spending the night in St Helens Pool, and going round St Martins.

It was pleasant sailing back to Helford, then on to the Yealm. We decided to pop over the Channel to Treguier, and it proved to be a more docile trip than we had been led to expect by the forecasts.

After a few days in Treguier, waiting for some bad weather to blow through, we made a direct passage back to Poole, just weathering the the Channel Light Vessel, and crossing the westbound separation zone.

We used internet cafes to collect weather maps from BBC or Halo, and the charts were mainly drawn using Microsoft autoroute, or by scanning from chart or pilot book when we got home. Tracks were drawn on using PowerPoint.

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The Log of this trip is available in the following form to friends. Contact me if you would like to see one of the publications.

If agreed, it will normally be delivered via Dropbox.

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