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The year started badly, and launching was delayed by late delivery of a replacement anchor winch from Italy. Then we had bad weather, and had to replace the loo piping, as well as getting a diesel leak corrected. Then more bad weather, so it was mid July before we got away.

After getting down to Falmouth, we saw a weather window to get to L’Aberwrach in France. On the passage, I got the Picture of the Year

The trip through the Portsall passage between L’Aberwrach and the Chenal du Four was a highlight of the trip (see links on right). During the night we had seen a wonderful moonpath, which I have recorded on flickr. Later, as we left Camaret, our passage through the Tas Des Pois was also recorded on video - though I was holding the camera with one hand, while steering with the other!

Already, it was so late in the season that we took the decision that we would not go beyond the Raz de Sein, but explore the Baie de Douarnenez and the islands. This worked out quite well, but the real break came when we saw a weather opportunity to go out to Lampaul on Ouessant. I wanted to see the lighthouse museum there, as well as see some of the great Ouessant lighthouses.

On the way back we took a vedette trip out to Ile Vierge. It was exciting, and there is a link to a You Tube video of the trip on the right.

Our cruise was becoming a Tours des Phares, which became the title of the Log.

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2007 Tour des Phares PDF Log





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The Log of this trip is available in the following form to friends. Contact me if you would like to see one of the publications.

If agreed, it will normally be delivered via Dropbox.

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2007 Portsall Passage You Tube

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2007 Ile Vierge Expedition You Tube

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2007 Brittany Cruise Flickr set

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