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Most of the chainplates in the Rustler are boxed in behind the teak lockers and linings. One of those we could see has been showing rust stains for some time, even though I have tried to re-bed the deck plate in new mastic.

Also, we knew from other owners that boats built at about the same time as ours used studding rather than bolts to fix the chainplates. This is bad practice, and on one boat that had been hard used, there were signs of distortion and other problems. But addressing the problem was a daunting prospect.

Terry Eagle had done it on Danae, and written up the procedure in Rustler Ramblings. So I asked Paul Wheeler at Marchwood to do the job.

As you can see, he followed Terry’s guidance, and added his own touch by making the inevitable holes a feature, lightly plugged so that the chainplates could be more easily inspected in future.  

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