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At the beginning of 2008, the electronics on Ariadne were overhauled . While retaining the original Raymarine black and white chart plotter, the commitment was made to the PC based electronic charting.  AComar AIS box was added, and the licensed copy of the Australian Software on Board (SOB) system handles C-MAP  Max pro cartridges.  

SOB (Software On Board) will accept data from an AIS engine and also from grib files and display the data overlaid on the chart.  The AIS display in particular is extremely useful when crossing the English channel. SOB can also display the numerous aerial photographs that are stored within the C-MAP Maxpro data. In terms of value for money, SOB must be hard to beat -though there are one or two free open source systems being developed.

I remain convinced that the future for electronic charting lies firmly in the field of PC based systems.  These can be much more powerful and the ability to access almost unlimited Data Storage means that new functionality and user data can easily be added.

With SOB, the capability exists to do just about anything you want in terms of chart preparation for your Logs. The root operation is capturing the chart using ‘Alt-prntscrn’ . This captures the current screen image (‘screen dump’) to the clipboard, which can then be pasted into a photo processor such as Serif PhotoPlus.

More detail of how to get a track image to go in your Log, and how to animate it for videos  can be accessed by clicking the panels on the right.

Displaying Tracks to go into a Log

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Animating tracks

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