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While in Scotland we noticed that quite a few boats had a deckwash pump. We soon found out why.

If you anchor on the South or East Coast, it is rare to need much more than 15 metres of chain (except where the bottom is hard sand or similar), so only 3-4 metres of chain comes up muddy. In some Scottish lochs, you may need 35-40 metres of chain, and 10-15 metres will come up dirty.

We have fitted the Jabsco  50psi deckwash pump. The water inlet is a tee connection from the loo inlet pipe; the power is taken from the circuit breaker for the electric anchor windlass, and the hose is stored in the locker under the shower compartment sink.

When needed the hose is just passed up through the hatch. This method avoids the need for a deck connection. It has been a great success. Apart from cleaning the anchor chain, it is a great help getting mud off the decks and hosing out the cockpit.

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