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Adding pictures in sequence saves file size, adds interest and movement, and can save run time.

The four pictures on the right were montaged into the video below. Click to run the video.

This clip was made using 4 video tracks in Serif MoviePlus and applying the quad split-screen transform from the envelopes tab.(It helps to crop the pics to the project aspect ratio using ‘fit’ - custom). Then set the ‘quad’ transform to each pic . To get the zoom effect, add a new keyframe ahead of the quad keyframe and press ‘reset’, which brings the image back to full size. Finally add the opacity fade in or out as appropriate)       

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This is a slightly tricky operation, and I will try to add a step by step demo video here at some time in the future. If you need to do this, contact me. In the meantime, there is a Serif MoviePlus X3 tutorial on You Tube that explains many of the steps required. It can be seen by clicking here.