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Without doubt the most difficult part of assembling a video Log is getting the sound right. There are two issues:-

( a) getting a good commentary track of even volume without any background ‘noise’

( b) getting the balance between music and speech right

I am afraid some of my earlier videos fall short on both aspects

STEP 1 is to generate a script. This I do using the speech recognition software supplied with modern Windows Machines (I actually prefer it to the proprietary speech recognition programs I have tried). With Windows 8 I use the search box to find the speech recognition programs, but on older operating systems it is usually found under All Programs ->   System Tools ->  ease of access.

The text file that is the script is probably also the basis for the words needed for the text Log.


STEP 2 is to read the script into a program which allows the soundtrack to be edited and defects removed.

Voice recognition and recording a commentary work best if you are using a headset with a reasonably high quality microphone. In recent times I have been using a usb microphone. Being digital it has hardly any hiss or background noise common with ordinary microphones using the PC audio jack.

I am now using the free open source audio processing software called audacity. It is easy to edit out clicks, hiss, and intakes of breath. Follow the link to download

The clips have a sound commentary. Ensure your sound is ‘On’

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Step 1: Prepare the script

Step 2: Record the commentary

Step 3:Add commentary to Video

And the end result….