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Birdsong, the sound of waves, the beat of an engine, and wind noise can all add atmosphere to a DVD. There are many sources of sound effects, some of which may be subject to copyright. Here are some ideas:-

1: Soundtrack ripped from your own video. I just set it up in Serif MoviePlus, and export the soundtrack only. The copyright is yours!

2: Special royalty free sound effects Cds. I use one which I bought from Serif.

3:I have recently discovered a very useful website called FreeSFX   . The site also includes a good range of Royalty free music.

(As an example, when I put together the video of our trip round Cape Horn  I used

   -   jet engine noise to underpin the flight from London to BA,

   -   launch noise for out trip round Tigre, and

   -   a throbbing diesel that accompanied us throughout the cruise to Punta Arenas.

Similar effects were used in parts 2 and 3 of the video)

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