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We managed a summer cruise every year since Ariadne was built in 1995 until 2010, but I did not really produce narrative logs until 1998 when my son  Iain and friends took the boat to Ireland.

The cruises have generated many fascinating photographs, and some of my favourites are shown on the right

There are photo albums of most cruises (and many other expeditions and events) on my flickr account. Some cruises also generated a You Tube Video.

To see a specific Log, select from the list on the right.

The table below may assist in selecting the Logs you wish to explore further.


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2011 Channel2010 Cordouan, Biscay2009 Ireland2008 Channel2007 Biscay2006 Biscay2005 Scotland2004 Biscay2003 Ireland2002 Biscay2001 Scotland2000 Scilly1999 Brittany1998 Ireland