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There is no substitute for a written, illustrated Log of a cruise. Much depends on planning what material to collect during the cruise. I have now done quite a few Logs, and the techniques have evolved over the years. A pattern is developing in which  the Log is produced in a variety of ways:-

1: A DVD based on still photographs and video clips captured on my ordinary camera is produced to send to friends, especially those we have met on the trip. I have also used screen captures from Microsoft Flight Simulator, and screen grabs from electronic charts.

2: A Text Log (DTP) document from which 4 copies were printed, and others made available as pdf files.  

3: I can produce  a presentation version for talks to yacht clubs if required. In the past, this has taken the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

4:  Many of my text Logs are published on this site in the expeditions section. They have been edited to remove some personal images. It requires care to ensure that all content is suitable for publication.

5: Flickr Internet albums can support a good log

6: Extracts from the DVD can be published on YouTube, but only if they are suitable for broadcast publication

7: This website is a development that combines the web based Log concept with the Flickr website as a photo repository, which meant the website itself can be much smaller, making this approach more feasible.

Each method  is further reviewed on the pages accessed from the menu on the right. However, the key ingredient of all methods is the assembly of the material. This is reviewed in the data sources section

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