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We sailed for 3 weeks round Ireland without seeing many other boats at sea. So we had to imagine what our boat must have looked like in the extraordinary scenery. These are the circumstances which justify cheating.

A picture is compiled from apicture of Ariadne extracted from a totally different location, but sailing roughly in the same conditions. The extract is then superimposed on a background picture of the magnificent Stags rocks off Broadhaven in NW Ireland. It is included in the gallery above.

The Gallery also includes a set where two schooners passed very close to each other. That was on a grey day in Falmouth. So, to try and make the image more dramatic, I transposed it to Start Point!

There are two examples of dreams - Ariadne sailing off Cape Brett in New Zealand, and True sailing up the Needles Channel!

That was in 2003. Now (in 2011) the software has developed enormously. For years I have used Serif software, and in PhotoPlus they have had good extraction facilities. However, even Serif were amazed to see software developed by Vertus, and they are selling it. I bought a copy. The two pictures below were my first attempts. Vertus is extremely clever at developing the extract masks, but it still requires a lot of skill that I have yet to acquire.

You can see what can be achieved by looking at the Vertus tutorials (click on the link).

Vertus was designed as a plugin for Photoshop, so owners of Photoshop may already have access. So far as I can tell, it is not a plugin for Photoshop Elements (which is substantially a subset of Photoshop). . That said, the standard cutout capability of Photoshop Elements is so good that I rarely (if ever) consider using Fluid Mask - it seems that most of the functionality has been built in to Photoshop Elements.

I have learned a lot of tricks from Anthony Morganti’s tutorials. Although they major on Adobe Lightroom (which is an intermediate between full Photoshop and Elements), they are clear and helpful. A link to a tutorial about how to swap a sky is included on the right.

Cutouts are fun!Try it yourself.


Vertus Cutout Tutorial

Anthony Moganti tutorial

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