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I use FastStone presentations in 2 ways

The simplest is to select a range of pictures from any directory, or from AlbumPlus, and export them to a new presentation directory All you have to do is point FastStone at the new directory, and right click on the first slide. The top image on the right shows the dialog that opens giving all the options. The setup shown is typical. Then just hit Play, sit back and enjoy!

The second approach uses the ‘create’ button when you have selected a range of pictures to view. Then select ‘Slide Show Builder’ This opens the dialog box shown below. Once the various options have been selected, a new file is created that contains a portable FastStone viewer as well as the pictures. This can be copied onto CD or DVD. I once sent some friends a DVD with over 2000 sailing images that played at random. It would take a very long time before the pictures started to repeat!

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