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Your photographs are your principal resource. A digital library can grow rapidly. The ability to locate the picture you want for a particular situation is critical.

Recently I have transferred all my catalogue - more than 20,000 digital images  - to Adobe Photoshop Elements. It’s ability to attach attributes to each picture, singly or in batches is impressive.

The Elements Organiser role is complex, and it can take a lot of time to convert an existing catalogue into Organiser. But it is worth it, provided you run the organiser on only one computer. If you need to transfer control to another computer, think through the steps very carefully! I did all this for my digital catalogue of nearly 20,000 images, and it took a few weeks to nearly get it right, and there is still work to be done - which tends to happen when it is needed.

 Organiser also interacts directly with the Elements Editor, so swapping between the catalogue and the editor is easy. The catalogue is backed up to a portable hard drive. An Elements Organiser tutorial can be accessed from the button on the right.

My working copy of the library catalogue lives on the data drive of my laptop. But the images themselves now live on two mirrored 3 terrabyte network attached storage (NAS) drives.  So a copy is made immediately. If one drive fails, I still have the other.

As my photos are the last thing I would throw out of the balloon,I also keep another copy (only updated occasionally) on a separate drive that ought to be kept remote from the NAS drives (but are not).

As an offsite secure reserve approximately 25% of my digital images have been uploaded to Flickr.

(Serif had a product called album plus, which was superceded by their organiser built into PhotoPlus. Sadly, it is not as good as the Elements Organiser, and gave me quite a few problems. But the decider to switch to Photoshop Elements was the way in which it processes raw images. I still use Photoplus for building chart animations from screen grabs and other complex operations which I want to keep separate from the digital image catalogue.)


Photoshop Elements Organiser Tutorial

Basic image editing in Photoshop Elements

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