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If you are going to produce a full video travelogue, forget enjoying the cruise. You will be too busy, and have too many crew members on board to really enjoy yourself. Putting a video together consumes enormous amounts of material, and I think that a combination of video, stills, panoramics and charts works well, but makes use of material that can be collected in the course of a normal holiday.

Modern DSLR or compact cameras take good video. Done that way, you can get by with an interesting production. But remember: Videos gobble material. Shoot everything you see, either as still or video. Collect brochures, newspapers, website and you tube links. You may need them all!

I have relied on Serif MoviePlus to edit video. I have tried others, including Microsoft Video Editor, and Adobe Premiere Elements. It may just be familiarity, but I think I have more control in Serif MoviePlus

The real minefield of video is the “Codec” (Coder-decoder). Codecs are a black art, and I still have a lot to learn. At present I use Serif Movie Plus, Format Factory (or occasionally AVS Video Converter) using a variety of decoders to change my raw video into a usable file that can be edited in MoviePlus  My usual format for assembling video is mpeg (but see the segment of Presentations using Powerpoint)

Using the mobile phone video still has its uses, especially for opportunist scenes when you do not have the camera. Modern G3 phones have excellent resolution too. Devices like Ipad and Android tablets are wonderful, but they do not have image stabilisation and you have to concentrate really hard to get good quality video.

 I have not tried using mobile phone video recently, but I would anticipate that, as in the past, it will be better to change the format to something like mpeg before assembling the video.

My current camera is a Nikon DSLR camera with video capability. I have not done much video with it, but it seems to perform well.

The lower button on the right leads to my You Tube published videos


Serif MoviePlus Demo

My You Tube Videos

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When taking video from a moving boat, chock the lower part of your body. Concentrate on the horizon and try to keep it as level and as steady as possible.