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Topical and recent comment can be viewed on my facebook and twitter pages. Sharing links are available from the top  of this page.


Some time ago, I started a Group on flickr to promote the Solent. I did this on behalf of Solent Protection Society. It has been fairly successful, but in my view it often is dominated by events involving big ships, including the modern crop of very ugly cruise ships. So click here to see a gallery of scenic and nature pictures  of the Solent (none of them mine) selected from recent posts on the Solent flickr Group. I hope to update this from time to time.

The current state of the Solent is reviewed on a page called Solent Now that I designed for Solent Protection Society. It includes

   - a live AIS plot of shipping

   - shipping movements for Southampton and Portsmouth

   - current and forecast weather

   - tidal information

   - news feeds from RYA and YBW


In addition to current and forecast weather  grouped on the Solent Now page, there is a page of alternative weather sites to choose from. Of these I find Passage Weather is  often useful because it is worldwide and also includes a swell (wave height) forecast.

For a more extensive discussion o f weather issues, visit the Weather page of the Help Zone of this website.


I have long had a fascination with lighthouses. The sad truth is that, with GPS, they are almost redundant as far as commercial ships are concerned, and it is doubtful that the yachting community could support the maintenance and running costs. I have joined two societies that aim to check this trend.

World Lighthouse Society has a once only life subscription of £22. The Society publishes a fascinating quarterly e-newsletter for members.

The Association of lighthouse Keepers, is UK based and is trying to document the history of UK lighthouses while  some lighthouse leepers exist. It is open to all, The annual single subscription is £24, and a beautiful quarterly magazine called Lamp is included.

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