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With some help from us, Iain and Clare had bought True, a 39ft cutter designed by Mick Orchard. Several had been built, but this was his own yacht. The previous owner was a helicopter pilot and True was well equipped, though much had been done in an incremental way. Most of the systems were there, but some needed updating, servicing or repair. Full details of True can be found by clicking here .

The main purpose of this trip was to get to know the boat.Iain had a long weekend so, despite some fairly rugged weather, we sailed the 50 miles to Great Barrier Island through the Thursday night. It was a good weekend trip, but a bit pressured.

The following weekend we looked after the grandchildren while Iain and Clare had their first weekend off from family duties. Great fun for all!

Then it was our turn. We took True away on our own for 10 days, going in slow stages via Coromandel to Great Barrier Island where we linked up with Dairne’s cousin, Tony in his launch Outrider. He gave us plenty of good advice, especially with regard to anchoring the night it blew 50 kts wiith a 180 degree wind shift in the small hours.

With the weather remaining unsettled, we wanted to get back, so we left Tony at Great Barrier. The wind direction forced us back to Coromandel, and then we worked our way back through the islands to the mooring at Panmure, the place we had identified two years earlier.

A bit more time with the family, then back to the UK.

And True? A superb boat for the family, and one which is capable of great things in the future.

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The Log of this trip is available in the following form to friends. Contact me if you would like to see one of the publications.

If agreed, it will normally be delivered via Dropbox.

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The Log pdf covers

   -  family cruising in Hauraki Gulf

   -  a 10 day cruise by Dairne and Graham in True to Great Barrier Island   -

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