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I have nearly 8000 pictures on Flickr, organised in albums and sets.

Flickr gives me the following

1: An offsite secure repository for my most useful and treasured  pictures

2: The opportunity to see some wonderful photography organised to illustrate things that interest me

3: A yardstick to measure my own photographs

4: A convenient and secure way to share images with friends, family and the wider Flickr community, some of whom have become friends

5: Some excellent software for organising and presenting image Groups

6: An opportunity to develop a means of collecting images for use in electronic charts.

7: An opportunity, if copyright issues can be resolved, to develop techniques for sharing pilotage information

Use the lower panels on the right to visit my albums and the flickr groups which I support.

Two albums are automatically generated.

-  “Your most interesting” is a selection of 100 images selected on the basis of the number of views, and the number of comments from other people. This is therefore an independent judgement on my content. Some of the most popular appear in the gallery, top right.

-   “Selection” is an album of 100 randomly selected images.

These albums change automatically every few days.

My broad policy is that pictures of people will only be published to flickr in private “friends and family” albums, or made public with their consent. This may not apply to photos taken at conferences or meetings.


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