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The truth is that I am preparing fewer presentations than I used to. In part, this is because I am less keen than I was on doing talks to yacht Clubs, unless specifically asked to do so. But I also used to send a ‘pack and go’ autorun slideshow to my friends. That has now been replaced by the DVD.

For a formal presentation, it still remains true that Microsoft PowerPoint is the best presentation mechanism.   The most recent version within Office 2010 allows video clips to be embedded in the presentation. This offers interesting new possibilities. BUT you will not be able to take your presentation on a memory stick to deliver the presentation on somebody else’s computer unless you know, for certain, that they have Powerpoint 2010 (or later)


However, there are some recent developments that are worth mentioning.

There are now systems that will produce a fairly good slideshow very quickly.  My favourite is Faststone image viewer.  This allows a mixture of stills and video (although the video tends to come at the end), and a wide selection of transitions.  Usually I switch off the stretchy transitions and allow the system to use random transitions thereafter.

It is also possible to construct a slideshow within image viewers such as Photoshop Elements. This is useful for quick assembly of a presentation that you may want to show friends on your computer.

There are also many ways to export photoshows to electronic picture frames, some of which store images in the cloud.

A very recent development is the use of devices like Chromecast (which enables anything that can be seen by a Chrome browser to be shown on a TV screen). I often use albums stored on flickr for this method. Very effective!

If you are using one of the photo web sites such as Flickr, then software is available that will generate the slideshow from any group, set, or photostream.  This can be useful as an alternative to gerating a gallery on a website.


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The embedded slideshow above is a selection from my Lighthouse album on Flickr. It was generated using Flickrit