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When built, Ariadne had  a simple Supercool unit. This was fine while I was working and our annual cruises were relatively short. But once we started visiting warmer climes, or longer trips to more remote areas such as the west coast of Ireland, we needed more fridge capacity. The best the Supercool could do was to lower the temperature to 20 C below ambient. In Biscay where temperatures can approach 30 C, this would not be enough.

Our favoured solution came from Terry Eagle. He had added a new fridge unit to feed an ‘O’ plate in the existing fridge box. Moreover, a fridge unit produces heat, so Terry had fitted the unit in the cockpit locker, so it would not heat the cabin - not wanted in a hot climate.

Our unit was made by Waeco. It has proved very successful. With a perspex door, the ‘O’ plate has become a deep freeze in which we have kept meat for several weeks without a problem.

And there can always be ice for the G&T!

The installation was a bit tricky. The large hole in the side of the cold box hod to be closed and new foam insulation added. The pipe was run under the galley lockers, though the aft saloon bulkhead to a new shelf built into the cockpit locker- which meant relocating the shore power unit and the alarm switch. A small sliding door was added to reduce the risk of any water coming through the hatch falling onto the fridge unit.

 Unlike Terry I did not increase the ventilation into the cockpit locker to release heat from the fridge unit. So far, no problem. . . .

The control unit was mounted on the half bulkhead just forward of the fridge. A new power supply was led direct from the batteries via a new circuit breaker mounted just over the galley-sink. The old circuit breaker and cable were used to supply a fan over the fridge area

One improvement would be to insulate the pipe run between the fridge and the unit in the cockpit locker.

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