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The original sails were not particularly good, so the year I retired we splashed out on a set of Hoods. They added half a knot to speed on virtually all points of sailing, even though the genoa was 130% overlap in place of the 150% of the old sails.  To the annoyance of Hood, we added a stakwrap.

Early experiments with a smaller headsail to act as an emergency spare, or for twin headsail running have been abandoned in favour of the new Channon staysail (see Heavy weather upwind).

Just before we set off to Scotland, I got a cruising chute from Ullmans. A light weather sail had been overdue for some time, and this has really made a difference. Because of a gloriously dyslexic comment from Clare, Iain’s wife, it will always be known as the Cursing chute! It is set and recovered using a squeezer.

Once the apparent wind exceeds 120 degrees, it is better to pole out the genoa. We have a telescopic pole with up mast stowage. This is highly suitable for short handed sailing because one end of the pole is always attached to its track on the foreside of the mast.

The next sail to be added was a trysail. This was done after talking to Mike Thoyts, who has circumnavigated a Rustler. (See Heavy Weather downwind)

We shifted our allegiance to Channon Sails. John Channon who used to be MD of Hood. He was successfully  building a clientele to whom he provided a very personal service, but suffered a serious heart attack.

The Hood sails lasted 10 years, but in 2012, we went to Penrose in Falmouth who have made many Rustler sails. Sadly Dairne had a stroke before we were able to collect them. Gavin Watson of Penrose came up to the Solent to fit them. They are a delight to use, though we have not been able to undertake a major cruise since then. I am looking for chances to wear them out!

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