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After 8 years we cleaned the teak with Semco. After   14 seasons, it seems to be doing a good job, but may need redoing thoroughly soon because I did not do a mid season re-coating. The pictures show the original before and after condition quite well. Even after 2 neglected years, it is still a great deal better than it was

The interior was revarnished using Epiphanes interior varnish - except the cabin sole where we used a harder Blakes one can poly.

We replaced the hood for which David Colquhoun made a new breakwater so that the bottom runs in a track, and we added a cockpit table. David also made a new laminated oak tiller to replace the Iroco one which was showing some shakes in the laminates.

The cockpit table is mounted from a pillar supported by the side of the cockpit well. I had seen this design on Rod Kennedy’s Wild Swan. I searched the Southampton Boat Show for something similar, and eventually found exactly the same design available from Howells of Poole. It is a well engineered Italian design, although I gather manufacture has been taken over by another company

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