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My early Logs were created using an ordinary word processor, but once you got a lot of pictures and other objects on a page, things became rather unstable, so I switched to a desk top publishing package. I chose Serif Page Plus, but there are many others. Although I have not tried it, I understand the horsepower and capability of Word has been improved so that it, too can achieve similar results.

I like the object editing power of Serif PagePlus - it is possible to manipulate pictures and other objects; manipulate transparency so images merge together; and many other processing tricks. Some ideas for setting up the document template to make Log assembly much easier can be seen by clicking here. Some examples of the result can be seen by clicking here. Many of my PDF Logs can be viewed in the Expeditions section of this webite

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Note: Since this website was built, Serif have brought out a spectacular new range of image processing software called Affinity. It has effectively replaced the Serif products mentioned in this section. A description of Affinity is included on the new Teal Directory website - click here to view.  As at March 2017, I am still using Photoshop Elements to organise my images, but I am hoping that Serif will launch their Data Asset Management suite early in the year. Affinity Publisher will replace PagePlus