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Over the years we have gradually vamped up the power generation. At build we had shore power to two 13 amp sockets and a charger. First, we changed the engine regulator to Adverc, which has been a success. But we still found that we were using too much power when at anchor for a day or two; or sailing at night. This was mainly because we wanted to keep our fridge running. Actually it was only a Supercool unit, which is adequate outside the tropics, and is limited to 1 amp when the engine is stopped (I believe the Waeco which has replaced it uses less power!). Our next move was to add a small inverter to be able to charge things like hand held VHF, power beams, and eventually the laptop computer and the rechargeable batteries for the digital camera. The Scottish trip suggested this was still not  enough.

Our wind generator has been upgraded to an Air Breeze. This seems to have been designed in the light of experience, and is a really good piece of kit. In the 2009 season, we had some problems, but in 2010, these were resolved. It is working well. It cuts in at lower wind speeds, and is much quieter

Our next power saving venture will be to switch to LED bulbs for nav (we have already changed most of the cabin lights to LED successfully) - they save up to 90%! Now that the international standrad for LED navlights appears to have stabilised, I will change over if and when we plan to go on another extended cruise.

For 2014 we upgraded the solar panel on the hatch garage. It is small, but with the aid of a special regulator is capable of delivering up to 80 ampere hours per week.

At the same time we switched to agm (advanced glass matt) batteries. Expensive, but maintenance free. We had no battery problems during the season.

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