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Although we have two boat lifting rigs, about half the boats at Marchwood, including Ariadne, have their own launching trolley. Mine was built by Eugene Hantke at the club. It is a monster, with three lorry axles and 8 tyres - a bit like a Scud missile launcher! But it is so easy! Just drop the trolley down the ramp into the water, drive the boat in till it hits the keelstop, secure to the trolley uprights with the sheet winches, haul out of the water and drop in the aquaprops. Once in its winter berth, it is jacked up onto chocks.

After 12 years use, Paul Wheeler at MYC has dismantled the trailer, shotblasted and painted all the components, and replaced the bolts which showed some sign of corrosion. Some new tyres, and one or two other repairs and it is as good as new. And bright red!

The one downside was salt water getting into the bearings and Kingpins. So once MYC bought a decent powered rig, most trailers were modified for dry operation only. This means cropping the upper bars (needed only when the trailer is in the water) so that they do not foul the rig strops. The trailer still gives mobility within the yard, and provides a very solid winter support.


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