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Here are some simple housekeeping rules that make it easier to keep track of all the information that accumulates round a Log.

I download all pictures from the camera using the camera-generated number and automatically creating a date directory within My Pictures.

As soon as possible I transfer the pictures to an Archive, which is grouped by date within years (I am now using Elements Organiser). If I borrow pictures from other people, I batch rename them (using FastStone), adding the persons name to the end of the filename to eliminate the risk of filename duplication.

If I generate weather maps, or other screengrabs, I keep these in  separate directories, usually starting the filename with a date in the format YYMMDD.

All the above items maintain a basic time related data sequence which makes things easier to find

I create a working directory (or directory set) for each application, such as Narrative for text Log, DVD/Movie, Presentation. In these directories I place copies of the pictures with a literal name added at the end. For example a picture might be IM0008200FourLight, and a weathermap might be20090811ECMWF, and a chart might be just SolentAlderneyTrack. I may resize these images in batches to keep the filesizes smaller. This can be quite important when preparing Movies (800 pixels wide), PDFs (usually I resize to 4 inches width, Powerpoint presentations (900 pixels wide), and Web pages (tiny images on page, larger enlargements, or 800 pixels wide if using a lightbox)

This may seem like a lot of work, but it makes managing the data a lot easier. The structure used for the 2010 Log is shown right

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