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As digital cameras have improved, the quality of video that can be taken has come on leaps and bounds. But, unless you are setting out to ‘shoot a movie’ it simply is not possible to generate a coherent set of video clips to assemble a proper video. The compromise is to mix video clips with stills, supported by music and commentary.

Gradually I have assembled a series of videos on You Tube, including

-   Featured videos

-   Sailing

-   Expeditions

-   New Zealand

-   Wildlife

-   Local

Select from the list on the right, then click on the miniature of the video you want to view to go to You Tube.

The law of copyright is a jungle, and I have tried my best to comply with the copyright of the music I have used, mainly by acquiring the music from freesfx.co.uk, or purchasing a licence from the Apollo Orchestra website. I have sought the consent of C-map (in the UK) and Software on Board to use their products, but have not consulted the Admiralty whose data underpins the chart software suppliers. My hope is that, because I am not seeking to profit from these videos, and because the use of the product is sympathetic and largely promotional, then there will be no challenge. For more information visit the DVD Preparation section.

I have acknowledged the information sources and so far this has been sufficient to respond to any challenges from You Tube.

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